Founded in 1991, high profile Birdi brand, a highly acknowledged company that has been serving the golf market and corporate organisations for 25 years during which time it has become a proudly South African leading golf brand competing on an equal footing with established international brands.

Birdi, an award winning brand, was created by Len Lewison and his daughter Charlene Lewison.

Having been involved in many high profile projects over the years of developing the Birdi brand, Charlene achieved many accolades for Birdi.

A leader and a visionary who became a successful entrepreneur and powerful force in her field, armed with technical experience, strong textile backgrounds and excellent designer and merchandiser.

In 2012, Birdi was sold to Corporate Altitude company Wizard Clothing on a royalty contract which terminated in May 2017.

Since then, Birdi has developed it's fashion-forward lifestyle approach by making golf apparel that stand out both on the course and off.